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Theresa Clevenger is a registered nurse (RN) and has been teaching since 1981. She has a background in holistic health and wellness, nutrition, stress management (biofeedback), and relaxation (massage). Theresa currently teaches yoga, cycling, step aerobics, and weight training. Theresa’s motto is “WFPB – whole food, plant-based.”

"Me, We" - Muhammad Ali

Gym One

Lori Roselind hails from Fresno and has been living here in Cambria with for the past seven years. She has worked as a registered nurse (RN) and legal nurse consultant. She is an ASFA certified personal trainer who enjoys the outdoors. Lori takes inspiration from her students and looks forward to living well into old age. She leads Silver Sneakers Classic, Body Blast and Core & More.

“Lori gives you a sense of wellbeing. When you are done with her class you feel well.” –GymOne member

Gym One

Kristina Kanga came to Cambria 13 years ago, after living in 18 different American cities! She is also an accomplished clay artist. Kristina is  yoga teacher from White Lotus Yoga in Santa Barbara, who enjoys hiking barefoot and gardening. Her She strives for happiness, wholeness and wellness in her practice. Her favorite post-workout meal is green juice.

“The greatest gift you can give to all of humanity is that of your own awakening.” –Hatha Yoga

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Randall Lyon is the newest member of the GymOne Group Fitness Team. He is a certified second-degree black belt in GoJu karate do. Randall is also a Tai Chi certified instructor, having studied under Master Dr. Gu. Randall is an avid soccer fan, but finds his greatest satisfaction is watching his students benefit from the practice of Tai Chi.

Randall’s mantra is “All things in moderation.”

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Calico Hauser was born and raised in SLO County, living in Cambria for the past 18 years with her husband and two children. She is an ACE certified personal trainer, Nia (neuromuscular integrated action) certified instructor and MT (medical transcriptionist). Calico is dedicated to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all ages and fitness levels. Calico currently teaches dance aerobics (Nia), Pilates, Silver Sneakers and HIIT Boot Camp.

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.” – Anonymous

Gym One

Sheri Baldwin grew up on the Central Coast in Cambria. She is the owner of GymOne and Cambria Physical Therapy.

Master of Science in physical therapy having attended Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and Chapman University. She holds a national certificate in athletic training and a Bachelor of Science in health science and athletic training earned at California State University, Long Beach.

Her passion for cycling brought her to the Olympic Trials in 1984 as a competitor on the U.S. cycling team. Sheri teaches Morning Mix as well as Cycling and Java.

“We can all be vital into our golden years.” –Sheri Baldwin